Idea: Vibrator ring tones

Ole Tange ole at
Sun Dec 17 23:42:30 CET 2006

From: Robert Michel <openmoko at>

> And also different vibration pattern would be usefull to have the
> Neo inside a pocket and have short and clear signalisation for
> - incomming call/sms/email/... (important - not important)
> - go right left
> - you are in time - you have a delay - go faster to fetch the train
> - time (1/4 1/2 3/4 1/1 hour signal)
> - reached a tagged location
> - a communication partner becomes reachable

I thought I already had mentioned an old idea of mine
2004-11-26): Vibrator ring tones, but I could not find it in the mail
archive. Vibrator ring tones are just like normal ring tones, but
buzzes the vibrator in different ways. I would assume it would be
possible to have the vibrator spin faster or slower and thereby
simulating a one voiced instrument.

In practice the vibrator ring tones will probably be less like music
and more like morse.

As Rob mentions it should be possible to configure different (vibrator
or normal) ring tones for different events.


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