Internal flash size

Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at
Thu Dec 21 09:37:09 CET 2006

Dnia środa, 20 grudnia 2006 19:00, Jeff Andros napisał:
> > > User - yes, developer - no. To get working toolchain installed I
> > > need 128M for rootfs. 

> as far as I know this is going to be like any other embedded device,
> you're crosscompiling so the toolchain lives on your lappy /desktop
> where you've got 100's of gigabytes, if not terrabytes, of storage.
> not to mention the difference in monitor and keyboard you'll likely
> have.  yeah, the dev/build/test cycles are a lot slower, but the
> environment makes up for it

Tell me more about ;) I use OpenEmbedded since March 2004 and during that 
time I cross compiled many packages. But I like to have possibility to 
make compilation on device because there are apps which has so fscked 
buildsystems then building them native is easier then fighting with 

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