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roberto previdi hariseldon78 at
Fri Dec 22 10:59:12 CET 2006

Hello to everybody. I am an italian developer. Somebody stolen my phone, so i start to look if finally is there any smartphone which uses my loved linux. I find this openmoko system and it seems all i wanted, finally i can have a bash shell on my phone to do a fast grep on my sms, make a big tar.gz of them and send them to my pc, or to apply a command on all my photos, or to use a good file sharing app.. 
Released on January, ok ok i can wait a month using my old old nokia.. But after the enthusiasm i look at the hardware list: no camera! i surely could spend 50€ more for a camera but there is no option. Ok, at least the sms or file sharing thing.. No wifi! oh my god at least bluetooth.. No bluetooth! You mean i must use the ultra expensive gprs?!?!? never..

I don't think this phone will have a market before to have at least the connectivity, at most a camera too..

Roberto Previdi

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