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Marcus Bauer marcus.bauer at
Fri Dec 22 15:37:47 CET 2006

On Fri, 2006-12-22 at 01:59 -0800, roberto previdi wrote:

> I don't think this phone will have a market before to 
> have at least the connectivity, at most a camera too..

As this "no market"[1] argument has shown up so many times on the list,
have a look again at the specs and you'll see two outstanding and unique
selling points:

      * VGA-display
      * GPS

for a remarkably low price of 350$. The hw6515 costs twice as much and
offers only 240x320 screen and is way bulkier because it is a PDA and
not a phone in the first place.

This cool hardware is combined with the absolutely magic power of and spiced up with a partnership with funambol not to
forget a dash of great developers and a quite visionary product manager.

Imho that are the ingredients for a huge success.

Last not least google is looking for hardware for their upcoming
google-phone. Just ask Sean if they (FIC) are already in talks with

As to connectivity: the decision about bluetooth hasn't been made yet
and otherwise you can still connect your phone via USB. A camera may be
integrated in future models; FIY: FIC already has products with cameras.


[1] according to the list the phone needs the following specs to be
successful on the market (cum grano salis - take it with a grain of

      * camera with minimum 5 megapixels
      * wifi, bluetooth
      * at least 4x faster CPU
      * minimum support for two SIM cards
      * powered USB host mode
      * plenty of FPGAs
      * two 3.5mm jacks
      * many more buttons
      * 2 GB flash
      * two cables dangling out in order to use is as oszilloscope
      * some more FPGAs, more wifi, more bluetooth :)
      * external SD-card slot, better: CF-card slot

all this with not more than 5mm thickness and 100g weight and 500h
stand-by or it will inevitably and miserably fail in the market ;)

Merry chrismas *<:o)

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