no market - my 2 cents

Oleg Gusev oleg at
Fri Dec 22 17:49:19 CET 2006

Am Freitag, 22. Dezember 2006 16:52 schrieb Koen Kooi:
> >
> > hw6515 is an outdated device that  is not produced anymore.
> > To be fair one should compare with HTC Hermes.
> qvga/64mb ram/wince versus vga/128MB ram/linux
True, but this is only one side of a medal. 
ATI-accelerated qvga vs samsung built-in VGA, 
full keyboard, BT, 802.11g, UMTS, 2 cams.
And don't expect wince to run on this device for
a long time. 
I'm all pro-openmoko, but we should be realistic 
when it comes to the hardware.


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