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Rowland Cheshire 2rc at
Sat Dec 23 22:46:21 CET 2006

I posted too soon. Just found this.

"Do Japanese phones use a SIM card? Are they locked? Can I unlock them?

It depends.

All PDC, cdmaOne and PHS phones and most CDMA2000 phones:
    They do not adopt a SIM card and cannot be unlocked. 
Most "FOMA" phones, SIM card-based CDMA2000 phones and some "Vodafone 3G" 
phones (e.g. 702NK/II):
    They cannot be unlocked so far. 
Some "Vodafone 3G" phones (e.g. 802SE etc.):
    They can be unlocked". 

It is impossible to buy a prepaid service in Japan and apply it to this phone.

"Can I buy a prepaid phone or SIM card in Japan?

Prepaid phones are available but prepaid SIM cards are not.

Note that IDs are required to purchase a prepaid phone to prevent criminal 
use. In case of foreigners, Japan's Alien Registration Card is required. In 
some shops you may be able to buy one only with a credit card.

Note: as of April 2005, customer registration is required to activate a new 
prepaid phone".

The answer to my first question. 
I need a contract (802SE can be unlocked if that is necessary), which means 
getting the phone free! and never using it, just to use the SIM card! And 
then only use it in Japan (only that it is cheaper to use a prepaid service 
in Australia for instance).


Still looking forward to the first release.

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