Regarding hardware specs...

Kenshin sugoi.sama at
Mon Dec 25 17:40:33 CET 2006


first of all congratulations on your approach. I must say that your
presentation sums pretty well what I (and a lot other people) feel
about the current status of mobiles. It makes perfect sense to go open
source since it adds extra functionality to the sphone and thus
increases its value.

Now, the reason i'm sending you this email is due to the hardware
specs of the Neo1973. It seems it's hard to build a gadget that
pleases everybody... unless it includes every feature... but that
affects the price... and ends up by not pleasing everybody.

Currently most people want or have: phone, pda, digital camera, video
recorder, sound recorder, read books, listen to mp3, internet, gps,
games (java, dosbox, snes, ...)
>From the (beta version) specs posted on the webpage, i can say that
unfortunately the neo1973 isn't a gadget for me :-/

I don't want to carry 3 or 4 gadgets everyplace i go... i want a multi-gadget!
It was surprising to see that the neo1973 doesn't include any
multimedia features...

Can i raise some hoppes for this:
- great image capture (>= 800x600, "without" noise)
- great video capture (> 20fps, memory space being the only limit for
recording time)
- great audio capture (use it as a recorder)
- big screen size (> 2", 480x640) to read pdf and html files, read
manga, view anime
- toggle between landscape/portrait
- allow some kind of expansion slot (eg, adding a SD card of 1GB)
- gravity tolerance (must survive falling in the floor and getting
sprinkled by water a couple of times :-)
- bluetooth

If we add this, it would be perfect:
- japanese language support (both keyboard and OCR... and i guess both
can be done via software)
- run nes, snes emulators (multiple key press could be done via
software... eg: for super mario run+jump at the same time)
- mp3 player (use it like an ipod)
- wifi
- gps
- usb

Luxury item:
- voice recognition (understand orders like "phone, dial, girlfriend")


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