Neo, Japan, SIM cards, prepaid.

Greg Oliver greg.oliver at
Mon Dec 25 08:52:37 CET 2006

On Sun, 2006-12-24 at 06:46 +0900, Rowland Cheshire wrote:
> I posted too soon. Just found this.
> """"
> "Do Japanese phones use a SIM card? Are they locked? Can I unlock them?
> It depends.
> All PDC, cdmaOne and PHS phones and most CDMA2000 phones:
>     They do not adopt a SIM card and cannot be unlocked. 
> Most "FOMA" phones, SIM card-based CDMA2000 phones and some "Vodafone 3G" 
> phones (e.g. 702NK/II):
>     They cannot be unlocked so far. 
> Some "Vodafone 3G" phones (e.g. 802SE etc.):
>     They can be unlocked". 

Japan market is almost 100% gsm....

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