AGPS closed source drivers = DRM for public data

Marcus Bauer marcus.bauer at
Wed Dec 27 13:44:36 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-27 at 09:54 +0000, Richard Franks wrote:

> But let us not make things more difficult and ugly by antagonising
> the very companies working with FIC on this project in the first
> place. I don't see how that can be constructive.

Global Locate is actually creating RIAA's and MPAA's dream of a DRM:
they prevent you from getting publicly and freely available ephemeris
data (and that is what A-GPS means) into the chip.

They want to lock-in the users of their chips into their "OMA SUPL" AGPS
servers. They deny you the right to use your own solution.

Closed source drivers are a nuissance on an open platform especially
when open alternatives do exist.

It is a question of community pressure to get FIC either using a
different chip or to get Global Locate to open the protocol specs.

The good thing is that Sean is an all pro open guy :)


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