Idea: WiFi to GPRS gateway

Ole Tange at
Wed Dec 27 18:16:04 CET 2006

On 12/27/06, Gabriel Ambuehl <gabriel_ambuehl at> wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 December 2006 17:42, Ole Tange wrote:
> > If you are located a place without internet connection the Neo should
> > be able to act as a WiFi access point and route this through GPRS to
> > the Internet. It will probably make sense to make the access point not
> > open for anyone.
> This is mostly a matter of getting a WiFi chip that supports acting as access
> point which is something not all of them support AFAIK.

I actually thought it was more a software/firmware issue. I might be wrong.

> I suppose one could do it with adhoc networking, too. It would work somewhat
> differently than most are used to, but given you somehow get the Neo to speak
> WiFi it looks rather easy, actually.

I just noticed that in the email it is not clear that it is listed in
Ideas for OpenMoko requiring WiFi and therefore not applicable to
version 1:


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