AGPS closed source drivers = DRM for public data

Richard Franks spontificus at
Thu Dec 28 10:56:24 CET 2006

On 12/27/06, Marcus Bauer <marcus.bauer at> wrote:

> Most likely this battle will be settled by Global Locate paying license
> fees to SiRF.
> [...snip...]
> communicate to GL that open specs are indeed a selling point.

It seems a bit unreasonable to suggest that a company who are 'most
likely' going to be forced over a barrel to pay license fees for their
technology, then have the ability to simply ignore that and open up
their source anyway.

And I don't see that happening just because they were 'pushed a little
bit' on a mailing list, but I do see that antagonism causing
unnecessary conflict and hard feelings.

I have a bit more patience on this matter because:
1) I believe that the OpenMoko team would love to see a 100% Open
Source phone that pleases everybody.
2) I believe that there is a lot of information which cannot be shared
publicly with the community due to NDAs or ongoing negotiations.
3) I believe that the FIC team have a strong product strategy for the
future, which again, it would be foolish for them to disclose at this
4) I believe that by attempting to second-guess that which we don't
know, then standing upon that shaky foundation and attempting to apply
pressure to companies who have a relationship with FIC, we risk more
harm than potential reward.

How about we give FIC a chance to deliver on their promises first?


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