hardware questions FIC Neo1973 Smartphone

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Thu Dec 28 16:24:50 CET 2006


Just wondering what exactly is meant by
Ti GPRS (2.5G not EDGE)

What multislot class will the GSM module be? (How many channels will
the hardware support?)
Will GPRS get suspended while a voice call is in progress? (Guess so)

Any chance to upgrade the modem (say via firmware) to support EDGE?
(That's an usability thing: EGDE when supported makes surfing normal
Websites via Opera on my Nokia 9500 acceptable or even fun. Pure GPRS
reduces the experience to "stuff that must be done now".)

Will the GSM module support (HS)CSD connections? Faxing?

Next thing, USB is host or device side? (Basically can I plug an USB
device into the phone, or is the phone a device that I can plug into
my laptop?)

Will the device include Bluetooth? (Important uses: Headset, Syncing
stuff with the desktop via SyncML, using desktop for net access,
providing net access to the desktop. Afaik, the linux Bluetooth stack
includes all the tools necessary to access or provide a Bluetooth
network access point.)

Just wondering how and when one will be able to buy one in Europe?

A curious,


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