Feature suggestion for phone function: calling cards

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Thu Dec 28 21:12:53 CET 2006


Something that most phones do not get right: (Funny, the Sidekick as a
totally closed platform did support it ok)

Support calling cards: 
E.g. instead of the green "Dial" button, offer an optional menu
(perhaps by pressing long on the "Dial" button), listing all
configured calling cards.

Calling cards concepts I know about:

1.) Dial a prefix before the number.
    +1234567 becomes +PREFIX001234567
2.) Dial a callin number, and after optionally sending a configured
    DTMF (for authentication) and after that the number to dial as DTMF.
3.) Dial a callin number. Hangup. Wait for callback, send the number
    to connect to via DTMF
4.) Generic plugins. Ideas: Send the number somehow per GPRS to my
    private homestation, dial fixed dialin number that gets forwarded to
    the right number. Support some bigshot corporate PBX. Support all
    kinds of crazy notations.

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