Feature suggestion for phone function: calling cards

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Sat Dec 30 09:41:33 CET 2006

* Dimitris Kogias <dimitris at gmail.com> [061230 08:45]:
> Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> > One last thing, it's something that is usually not implemented, as it
> > allows to lower phone costs; as the phone is being sold directly to
> > the users, it should relativly easy (politically) to implement.
> My (somewhat aging) SE P910a with vanilla (i.e. non-crippled) firmware
> supports calling cards pretty much the way you describe it.
> However, most mobile phone itches that I can't scratch involve the
> inability to modify the bundled applications' behavior (vs. writing
> separate apps).

Yes, but I think we should provide most functionality that is provided
by other phones directly, so that non-geek users can use it. You
notice that I also included the "call a script" option in my
enumeration. Actually, there is no reason why the implementation
should not be "script" or "plugin" based, but whatever, the phone
should probably provide at least the ones I mentioned preimplemented

> As another example, the messaging app can be caused to call a script
> which decides that text messages from non-contact numbers - highly
> likely to be spam - will be stored but not "ring" between the hours of
Ah, again that seems to be something highly depending upon the local
circumstances => I don't associate spam with SMS, but there might
other countries where this happens ;)

And yes, behaviour profiles and timed switching between them is also
one of the most powerful features of current phones.

We might consider how to make it extensible, so that one can configure
everything in detail.


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