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Sat Dec 30 23:17:10 CET 2006

Koen Kooi wrote:
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> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer schreef:
>> Ole Tange wrote:
>>> When the desktop is only 640x480 it would be handy to easily change
>>> between multiple desktops.
>> I'm not sure what this would be useful for. In the desktop world,
>> virtual desktops are primarily used for switching between
>> preconfigured workspaces, which mostly consist out of presized and
>> -positioned windows.
>> OpenMoko doesn't support windowing, all applications open full-screen,

> What about modal windows and dialogs?

We have full-screen dialogs, half-screen dialogs (confirmation
stuff) and (I'm not sure yet where we really want to keep those or
rather use the common statusbar at the bottom for those as well)
short-lived information popups (think HildonBanner).


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