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Jeff Andros jeff at
Sun Dec 31 01:23:11 CET 2006

I've seen a whole bunch of ideas come across this list that would seem to
work better for certain countries or regions (E.G. the calling card option
that's been up lately... that would be a great thing to save money, but I
think here in the U.S. I still use my minutes at the same rate) one of the
really awesome promises of the project is that we can add and remove options
that make sense for where and who we are.  I've never played with the
internationalization options in linux(I think it's just changing the text of
various gui elements and input methods... one of you guys probably knows
more), but is there a way we can extend this subsystem to include things
like calling options, software configurations and possibly even the default
set of kernel modules?  It would be important to make this really flexible,
(such as: if you say you live in elbonia, and elbonians typically have a one
hour period where they spend by themselves everyday, so we suggest a
scheduling system for the ringer, pre-configured to not ring from 3:12-4:12,
we also suggest other options, as appropriate to elbonia).  We could
probably do this with a checklist of options that selects the appropriate
options, possibly even in the application manager.  Anyways, this might be
completely half baked, I just wanted to throw it out as another idea (I
know, we've already got enough to keep us all busy coding for the next
millenia or so, but at least we'll have the option to make our phones our

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