Bletooth on FIC1973

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Sun Dec 31 15:35:56 CET 2006

su, 2006-12-31 kello 13:58 +0100, [cc]smart kirjoitti:
> Is there a way to have BT on the FIC1973 ?

Well, at least this is an easier one and somewhat less done-to-death
than "will it have BT?"

If there won't be internal BT (on which there is no official word), you
can accomplish this through using a USB BT dongle along with a USB power
injector or a powered USB hub (battery-powered or otherwise, depending
on your need). Not the best-case scenario, but may work for some
purposes, such as early development of BT-aware Moko apps or even some
limited field uses.

Meanwhile, I'm sure we all hope that BT is in, at least in hardware even
if the software side isn't polished all the way on release. Still, best
not to spam the list too much about it (again :); I'm sure the FIC guys
are doing their best to have as good a phone as they can hit the market.

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