wlan and voip

Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at fic.com.tw
Wed Nov 15 13:29:06 CET 2006

On 11/15/06 4:39 AM, "Hannes Hauswedell" <hannes.hauswedell at gmail.com>

> when will (will there?) the first openmoko devices be shipped that support
> wifi?
> i cant wait too long so please be honest....
> if you say not before summer next year, i'll get an e60 now and try to sell it
> a year or two ;)


Thanks for your interest in OpenMoko. At this point we really cannot commit
to a timeframe. Just understand that it's a key feature we'd love to see. We
are just not willing to put binary modules in our kernel. So as of now, this
is still a WiFi stopper.

We are actively working with vendors to try to change this.


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