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Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Mon Feb 26 16:57:03 CET 2007

Hi guys,

FOSDEM 2007 was unbelievable exhausting, but it was worth every
minute! Make sure you are there next year when we try to grab the
official keynote... I mean it would that project would be worth it,
wouldn't it? ;)

> I am also not sure, but I belive, Mickey seen on the floor playing
> with a neo1973. Maybe he can say something about that.

I did, yes. Actually it was quite funny, I charged the OpenMoko case
prototype fully and when I wanted to demo it Friday evening it was
empty. I thought "ok, the power management is not quite there yet" and
charged it again over night to saturday. Saturday morning it still
wouldn't boot up... I then started getting very worried, because I
wanted to show that the device actually does something. So I put out
the debug board in the embedded room, messed up with JTAG, but it
wouldn't turn on.

Suddenly the guy sitting right next to me said "If your battery is
drained, try this Nokia one". I said "No way, the FIC one is
compatible to nothing else." The guy: "Oh I think it is". And so I
tried and it turned out it is _exactly_ the same battery!!! I put it
in and *boom* it booted! :)

So we now know that the Nokia BL5C is a compatible battery which is
quite amazing, since those things are cheap and probably come in
variants with larger capacity as well...

So, thanks again man, this really saved the presentation :)

- Michael Lauer <mickey at>         
Software for the worlds' first truly open Free Software mobile phone

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