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Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Thu Jan 4 18:06:24 CET 2007

to, 2007-01-04 kello 16:26 +0900, Rowland Cheshire kirjoitti:
> NTT Docomo now provide a GSM service within Japan - 1900Mhz. 

Would that they'd had that when I was there ;) Oh, and roaming.

> Anyone interested will need a contract. The good news is that the Docomo phone 
> comes free! and the SIM card is separate.

Not really good news on the phone, you pay for it in the monthlies and
call charges. So if you use another phone, like Neo, you'll end up paying
for two phones.

> Does anyone know of problems using the Docomo SIM card in openmoko. It is an 
> expensive exercise to buy and try. Or is it safe to assume that any GSM SIM 
> card worldwide will work. It appears to be standard size. 

Any 1900 MHz capable GSM phone should work _if_ Docomo hasn't prevented
it for one silly reason or another. If they have, they should know, so

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