OLSR and BATMAN on Neo

Evgeny nad.oby at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 19:24:02 CET 2007

It may be not only fun but really useful.
I'd already wrote about my wish to see Netsuskuku (my favor mesh
networking protocol) port on OpenMoko. Let's see when phone will in
hands, and wireless will be included. It is possible also to establish
connection to Netsukuku via Internet, since we already will have GPRS.
The point here is the other people to connect to :-)

On 12/18/06, Warren Noronha <wnorrix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has any one thought of porting/installing OLSR or BATMAN to OpenMako.
> FYI it works perfectly on Linux so I guess this should not be hard.
> It would be kind of fun to have a wireless mesh network on phones.
> Warren Brian Noronha
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