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Sun Jan 7 20:32:16 CET 2007

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Pedro Aguilar schreef:
> Hi,
> Since devices like the Neo are used for several things that can be
> executed simultaneosuly in the GUI, it could make sense to have a
> windowing or virtual desktop support.
> For example, if I'm using a browser in virtual desktop 1 and I receive a
> msg from a friend asking me for an info that I can get in Google, I can
> search it in the browser and copy-paste it to the response msg window that
> is in virtual desktop 2.
> In this way I can have 2 or more apps simultaneously that can interact
> between them without the need to exiting one for entering another.
> This kins of devices are in wide spread use and the users would appreciate
> having more flexibility and integration between the apps.

That's exactly what a full-screen window manager does.

> Pedro Aguilar
> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer schreef:
>>>> Koen Kooi wrote:
>>>>>>>> OpenMoko doesn't support windowing, all applications open
>>>>>>>> full-screen,
>>>>>>> What about modal windows and dialogs?
>>>>>> We have full-screen dialogs, half-screen dialogs (confirmation
>>>>>> stuff) and (I'm not sure yet where we really want to keep those or
>>>>>> rather use the common statusbar at the bottom for those as well)
>>>>>> short-lived information popups (think HildonBanner).
>>>>> HildonBanner is the infoprint stuff, or in GPE speak 'gpe-what'?
>>>> Yeah. Since our lower footer + status bar is always visible, I wonder
>>>> whether this might make a better place for temporary messages than an
>>>> infoprint. What do you think?
> What happens if you have 2 (or more) nearly simultanious messages? Hildon
> just overwrites
> the previous messages, moko could 'stack' them, or do it like a 'ticker'
> in the
> statusbars. I don't see a clear winner.
> regards,
> Koen
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