Idea: Virtual desktop

Joel Newkirk moko at
Sun Jan 7 20:35:57 CET 2007

Pedro Aguilar wrote:
> Hi,
> Since devices like the Neo are used for several things that can be
> executed simultaneosuly in the GUI, it could make sense to have a
> windowing or virtual desktop support.
> For example, if I'm using a browser in virtual desktop 1 and I receive a
> msg from a friend asking me for an info that I can get in Google, I can
> search it in the browser and copy-paste it to the response msg window that
> is in virtual desktop 2.
> In this way I can have 2 or more apps simultaneously that can interact
> between them without the need to exiting one for entering another.
> This kins of devices are in wide spread use and the users would appreciate
> having more flexibility and integration between the apps.
> Pedro Aguilar

Nobody said you couldn't multitask, communicate between apps, or have
GUIs for several programs accessible - but if all applications are
either full-screen or tied to a single widget (like a toolbar clock or
text-message ticker or whatever) then there's no practical difference
between switching among fullscreen apps and switching among virtual
desktops.  The only 'advantage' to desktops would be organization of
access, IE all apps on a given desktop readily accessible at once from
toolbar or designated shortcut stroke or whatever.  How many
applications do you think you can have open and running simutaneously in
this environment?  If you intend to run tabbed browser, chat, word
processor, VOIP client, mp3 player, etc simultaneously I suspect you'll
be discovering the pain of Swap-on-Flash...


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