Idea: Virtual desktop

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Sun Jan 7 21:46:32 CET 2007

Pedro Aguilar writes:
>Since devices like the Neo are used for several things that can be
>executed simultaneosuly in the GUI, it could make sense to have a
>windowing or virtual desktop support.
>For example, if I'm using a browser in virtual desktop 1 and I receive a
>msg from a friend asking me for an info that I can get in Google, I can
>search it in the browser and copy-paste it to the response msg window that
>is in virtual desktop 2.
>In this way I can have 2 or more apps simultaneously that can interact
>between them without the need to exiting one for entering another.
>This kins of devices are in wide spread use and the users would appreciate
>having more flexibility and integration between the apps.

This doesn't require a virtual desktop.  Ordinary Linux and X
applications do this all the time.

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