suggested development toolkit for games?

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at
Mon Jan 8 08:38:48 CET 2007

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Anything you want! :)
> It's my understanding that the apps coming with the phone will use
> gtk+, so using that would give you a more similar look and feel.  If
> you like C++, the gtkmm wrapper around gtk+ works really well.  Qt is
> also quite popular.
> The challenge for applications on this phone will be to have them be
> portable from phone to desktop:  it ought to be possible for things
> like games or information managers to be portable with just a
> recompile, but then getting them to deal well with the radically
> different screen sizes is what will make it interesting.  That's what
> I'm planning to be playing with!

hmm, ok. do we already know what the phone will have pre-installed?
maybe even some script language with bindings to one of the gui toolkit?

the last reimplementation I did used tcl/tk a few years ago. but all I 
need to have for the first version is access to the whole screen and 
copy images around. nifty sounds would be nice too :)

Cheers, Andreas

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