suggested development toolkit for games?

Richard Franks spontificus at
Mon Jan 8 17:31:33 CET 2007

On 1/7/07, Andreas Jellinghaus <aj at> wrote:
> I wrote a game in turbo pascal a decade or two ago.
> if I wanted to rewrite it for openmoko, which toolkit
> etc. would I use for the graphics and sound effects?

I'd use SDL if/when available, if not.. then there are plenty of
sound/image libraries to take away the pain of gfx/sfx IO. I'd be
surprised if the OpenMoko API did not have its own wrappers for this
anyway, as it's a common function for many applications.

In terms of retro gaming though, it's the perfect platform for 2d games:

* Hardware smooth scrolling support for vertical/horizontal..
* Screen memory held in main memory - very fast pixel read times :-)))
* extra DMA channels to play with
* multiple screen resolutions
* possibility of hacking display driver to optimise speed or create
interesting effects
* you can do a lot with only 4 directional + 1 fire button - lack of
keys not a killer issue

I'm thinking of it in terms as a rather powerful Commodore Amiga
(7.5Mhz vs 266Mhz) and ('blitter' chip vs 4 dma channels).

OpenWorkBench anyone? ;-)


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