Real Neo1973 photo / Neo delayed...!?

Paul Bohme openmoko at
Wed Jan 10 11:15:24 CET 2007

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> On 1/10/07 12:47 AM, "Sven Neuhaus" <sven-openmoko at> wrote:
>> Something is seriously wrong if they can't present a working unit the same
>> month they were originally going to ship them. Didn't they talk about
>> shipping units to a few devs in December?
> I wanted to make something more formal first..but let me just say a few
> things now. 
> We had some problems with the hardware in a revision I had hoped would be
> final. This set us back about month. So we're looking at moving the first
> phones out in February now. I can promise you there is nothing "seriously
> wrong."

Been there.  Can feel your pain, man.

> Sure:
> Standard Kit:
> * 120.7 x 62 x 18.5 (mm)
> * 2.8" VGA (480x640) TFT Screen
> * Samsung s3c2410 SoC @ 266 MHz
> * Global Locate AGPS chip
> * Ti GPRS (2.5G not EDGE)
> * Unpowered USB 1.1
> * Touchscreen
> * micro-sd slot
> * 2.5mm audio jack
> * 2 additional buttons
> * 1200 mAh battery (charged over USB)
> * 128 MB SDRAM
> * 64 MB NAND Flash
> * Bluetooth (yes bluetooth!)

Huzzah!  Color me *stoked* at this point.  I was looking forward to the 
phone, but the 'icing on the cake' that is bluetooth has me downright 

I work with a couple mac-fans that were ogling the iPhone the other 
day.  Slick piece of equipment, that.  They loaded the press page on the 
Neo and the iPhone and were flipping back and forth - the funny thing is 
that they want to wait six month or so after the devices go on sale, to 
let Apple work out the kinks.  While on the one hand I wish Jobs & co. 
much success with their device, my needs will be amply filled by the Neo.

The punch line?  One of the guys at work joked about starting a pool to 
bet on how soon someone will have a Linux kernel booting the iPhone.. ;-)

> We have two more kits that will be available (in addition to the standard
> kit): A "Car Kit" and a "Hacker's Lunchbox."
> The latter is quite cool. I'll tell you more about it soon.

Looking forward to that one.


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