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Wed Jan 10 16:29:41 CET 2007

I guess they have patented specific parts of their user interface such as the
two-finger touchscreen interface. They can't patent the idea of using a
touchscreen for a phone plenty of older devices like all the big PocketPC
phones have a touchscreen ;-)

Quoting Stuart Gray <randomelginguy at>:

> I was just watching the apple iPhone keynote.  And when Steve Jobs is 
> describing the phone touchscreen interface, he says they have 
> patented it.  What does this mean about the OpenMoko phone?  I am not 
> overly knowledgable about patent protection, so it may be a silly 
> question.  But doesn't the fact that they have the mobile phone 
> touchscreen interface patented mean that you cannot realease the 
> OpenMoko as it is infringing on it?
> Stuart Gray
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