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Patents are much more specific than that. Apple can¹t simply patent
touchscreens, or even touchscreens on phone‹there¹s substantial prior art in
those areas. They can (conceivably, I haven¹t seen any of their patent
applications, obviously) attempt to patent things like the use of particular
³gestures², etc., but it¹s unlikely (to me) that this would have direct
impact on the NEO...

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> I was just watching the apple iPhone keynote.  And when Steve Jobs is
> describing the phone touchscreen interface, he says they have patented it.
> What does this mean about the OpenMoko phone?  I am not overly knowledgable
> about patent protection, so it may be a silly question.  But doesn't the fact
> that they have the mobile phone touchscreen interface patented mean that you
> cannot realease the OpenMoko as it is infringing on it?
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