iPhone Vs. Neo 1973

michael at michaelshiloh.com michael at michaelshiloh.com
Wed Jan 10 18:33:10 CET 2007

While it's interesting to compare the iPhone and the Neo 1973, I would caution
people against spending too much time and energy trying to "convert" buyers
of one to the other, or trying to "prove" that one is better than the other.

They are different products aimed at different markets. Each has its own
strengths and weaknesses, and probably neither is 100% perfect in any market.

It's like trying to convince people to switch to Linux. If I were to replace
the iMac in our living room with Linux, I would probably turn my family
against Linux because of the little differences and inconsistencies. But,
when a friend complained about fighting Windows viruses all the time, I
quietly handed him an Ubuntu live CD (I always carry 2 or 3 with me), and now
he's converted. When it's the wrong move, it upsets people, but when it's the
right move, you don't have to push at all.

I think it's interesting to know the differences, but I would never enter a
debate with anyone as to which is better. There will be some uses for which
one or the other is clearly more appropriate, but for most people it will be a
highly subjective choice. It's almost like a religious debate, and I think
just as pointless.

A better use of our energy, I think, is to continue our excellent
brainstorming about the software development environment, applications, and
hardware. I think that some of Sean's comments in the networkworld article
came right from discussions we've had on this list, and I think we should be
proud of that.

I think too our honest discussion of any weaknesses in the platform helps FIC
decide what to do in future models. An overly-zealous "ours is better" point
of view will make it harder to be honest about weaknesses. Likewise the
software, especially since we can change it.

I remain more excited about this project than any I've worked on in years. I
can't wait to see what creative uses we'll come up with in the next year or
so. We've had so many good ideas even before seeing the platform - imagine how
many more we'll have with the source of our inspiration in hand.

The fun is just begining.


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