Will it possible to use the Neo without battery?

Fabian Off fabian2_de at yahoo.de
Wed Jan 10 22:48:56 CET 2007

Robert Michel <openmoko at robertmichel.de> wrote:
>I'm looking forward to have a phone that I can charge
>just with a given USB port - but it would be great,
>when the phone would work or charge even with a
>(quite) dead battery.

Well, that'd be also great for changing the SD-card... 
I just wonder how people could live with phones they
have to switch off any time the card should be changed.
I'm now owning a Samsung D-730, it has the slot 
on the side, so switching off isn't necessary. When I see
my friends (most of them having a Nokia phone) taking
out the battery I'm just getting ill...

So, I think it would be really great if you could plug the
Neo on usb, charg it, and meanwhile swap the cards...

Greetings, Fabian

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