Will it possible to use the Neo without battery?

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Wed Jan 10 23:54:12 CET 2007

* Joe Pfeiffer <jjpfeifferjr at comcast.net> [070110 23:11]:
> >Well, that'd be also great for changing the SD-card... 
> >I just wonder how people could live with phones they
> >have to switch off any time the card should be changed.
> >I'm now owning a Samsung D-730, it has the slot 
> >on the side, so switching off isn't necessary. When I see
> >my friends (most of them having a Nokia phone) taking
> >out the battery I'm just getting ill...
> >
> >So, I think it would be really great if you could plug the
> >Neo on usb, charg it, and meanwhile swap the cards...
> I'm missing what the issue is:  turn the phone off, swap cards, turn
> the phone back on.  Everything in SDRAM should still be there, and the
> prospect of missing a call in the ten seconds I'm switching cards
Well, that's true for simple phones, OTOH these have not much for
additional storage anyway. On my Nokia 9500 restarting is quite a
pain, because it involves restarting a number of applications.
(side note, one can change the memory card on the 9500 without
switching the phone off).


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