Will it possible to use the Neo without battery?

Jeremy zanexiv at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 01:37:44 CET 2007

For me this appears to be just an annoyance issue.  I wouldn't think the typical user would switch out the sd card all that much, especially if there is an interface via usb to upload/download data to/from the sd storage.  At least, I don't see why I would be removing it much unless I wanted to swap it with somebody else's.  If using sdio  I think there are more things to consider.


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I thought the issue was that you would have to physically remove the batter=
y to change it, in which case everything in SDRAM would be gone.  Is this n=
ot the case?  I haven't read everything that's come through the list so I m=
ay have missed something.=0A=0A~Jeremy=0A=0A----- Original Message ----=0A=

I meant to say I'd expect all of flash to still be there.  Sorry...

On restarting apps...  I've been assuming that the startup would not
be substantially worse than logging into a desktop (with several apps
in my session there).

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