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Richard Franks spontificus at
Thu Jan 11 17:21:00 CET 2007

On 1/11/07, el jefe delito <eljefedelito at> wrote:
> On 1/11/07, Richard Franks <spontificus at> wrote:
> > In a year after release we will probably have two things:
> > 2) A NeoXXXX (released or in the works) which can provide all the 'eye
> > candy' decoration to those paradigms which we would ever need -
> So we shouldn't expect this hardware to be able to do the fun stuff?

The qualifier was "assuming we run into graphical limitations in the
first place." :-)

The user manual does have some interesting clues as to what the
performance *should* be:

Although the S3C2410 is at the core of the Neo1973, until we start
experimenting with the SoC and integrated components in hardware, I
think we are in speculation land, based upon the premise "In theory
there is no difference between theory and reality - in reality, there

But I did a lot of optimisation for 8bit/16bit games as a kid, and as
the Neo1973 is far more powerful than those platforms, I am confident
we can find ways to exceed expectations which may arise from a simple
comparison between the phone specs and modern desktop systems!


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