Real Neo1973 photo?

Paul Jimenez pj at
Thu Jan 11 18:32:59 CET 2007

On Thursday, Jan 11, 2007, Sean Moss-Pultz writes:
>On 1/10/07 8:53 AM, "michael at" <michael at>
>So even though Apple's phone might be very elegant phone, its going to be
>more of the same stuff that (IMHO) has held the mobile industry back --
>namely the lack of an open ecosystem for developers.

Yes, their innovations are mostly UI things - which we can pick and choose
among, to some extent =)  For instance, I fully expect the next OpenMoko
to have some kind of accelerometer or orientation sensor.  The idea of
a 'nearness sensor' that detects when you have the phone to your ear is
also a good one - if it's at your ear you're not looking at it, so save
some battery by shutting down the screen.  Gestural screen unlock is
another feature we'll probably want.  A multitouch screen too, if we
don't already have one.

>What really excites me now is how we can work together to make OpenMoko even
>more innovative. We'll be four months into collaborative development before
>the public even gets an iPhone. And judging from the ideas / comments that
>have been flying around this list for the past few months, I don't see any
>reason why, together, we can come up with some applications that allow
>people to use phones in entirely new ways.

How about jumpstarting this with an SDK?  Ideally an emulator and a
one-button-build, but we'll settle for just the code =)

>Once we have phones shipping, I would love to start a conversation with all
>of you about how to organize and support this effort. I promise to put
>resources where my mouth is ;-)

Offhand, any idea what the size of the first production run will be
like? I'm really looking forward to the phone and want to make sure I
can get one :)


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