Lightweight 'navigational' app? (Was Re: Real Neo1973 photo / Neo delayed...!?)

Paul Bohme openmoko at
Fri Jan 12 00:15:02 CET 2007

Sven Neuhaus wrote:
> Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
>> We have two more kits that will be available (in addition to the 
>> standard
>> kit): A "Car Kit" and a "Hacker's Lunchbox."
> Car kit? Please tell me it includes car navigation software... :)
> This screen (not to mention the GPS) is just screaming for maps to 
> display.

We were  chewing this one over at work the other day.  If you could pull 
a list of waypoints from (say) Google's mapping API, and location data 
from the GPS it might be possible to get something really useful without 
the heavy map data or rendering engines.  Obviously I've done zero 
research on this one yet, but it sounds reasonable from a pure handwave 
level.  We've got a data connection - use it! ;-)


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