OpenMoko ON the iPhone

Kenshin sugoi.sama at
Fri Jan 12 11:19:36 CET 2007

If someone does indeed get Linux running on the iPhone, can we also
expect to have the freedom to install anything we want, including
OpenMoko? (it's FOSS right?)

Hurray for the BlueTooth
Buuuh for not having a 2 MP camera -_-

Unfortunately for me, it seems neither of the phones suites my needs
:-/ I'll have to be patience and think things carefully.

BTW, since the neo1973 is shapped like a PSP, wouldn't it make more
sense to come with a gamepad-like keyboard (up/down/left/right, A, B,
X, Z, Y, O)? ;-)

I'm just curisous on this... What's the purpose of a "handle" so big
in the neo1973?
I can see people wanting to put a strap/leash (what's the name for it
in english?) on the phone, but that handle seems really big.

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