A FIC phone with a real keyboard - Was: OpenMoko ON the iPhone

Carlo E. Prelz fluido at fluido.as
Fri Jan 12 12:23:59 CET 2007

	Subject: OpenMoko ON the iPhone
	Date: Fri 12 Jan 07 10:19:36AM +0000

Quoting Kenshin (sugoi.sama at gmail.com):

> If someone does indeed get Linux running on the iPhone, can we also
> expect to have the freedom to install anything we want, including
> OpenMoko? (it's FOSS right?)

I have a related question. I am quite happy about the development that
is bringing to the production of the neo1973, because I am eager to
own a phone for which I can comfortably develop apps. Openmoko is
going in the right direction, from my point of view. 

But I am used to have a phone with QWERTY keyboard together with a
touchscreen (currently, a treo 650). There are lots of cute models
around which sport a keyboard, from the Motorola Q, to the Nokia E61,
to this new Samsung model (SCH-i760) which can be seen on a page on
mobile-review.com whose URL was posted yesterday on this list. Or even
the Sharp PV-200 (AKA T-Mobile Sidekick 3). I am used to write SMS
messages with my thumbs while walking. I hated palm graffiti - way too
many errors: writing was painfully slow. And if, as I expect, text
input on the neo will be from a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen,
with a stylus, walking and typing will simply not be possible.

My question is: are there plans for FIC to produce a QWERTY keyboard
model with native openmoko? (Possibly with wifi in place of gps, and
with real mini-sd instead of micro-sd - but these are my personal
preferences) No matter if the phone comes to be somewhat larger!


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