The actual release date of NEO1973

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Jan 12 15:06:52 CET 2007

Salve Ole, *!

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Ole Tange wrote:
> What I would love to see, however, is a website where you can pre-order,
> so you will be the first to get a phone.

I don't think that you have to fear that you will not
be able to get one of the first phones - I'm quite shure
that being activ on this list with good ideas - and maybe
already writing some solutions count much more that to
be the first in a pre-order-db.

And the most of you should know the vapur-ware filewarker
The have taken down their "order now for the first release"
but I have big concerns when I such "Order now" pages for 
inovative products...

Release date
I'm happy that Sean and FIC does not anounce a fixed date
let us give them the freedom other device-projects does not
have - to take as much time as possible. I would not worry
when it will be April or later :)
See how much of the first design of a IBM-PC or a Personal 
PalmPilot is still used today.

Some small inexpensive or cost less improvements could
make the product much more stable or better usable:
the last 5-10% perfectness where commercial developers
nearly never have the time for - because there is the
expo or the christmas-business for what the device must
be ready for...

And when the first devices are out, you can create a second
generation with e.g. wifi, powered USB or USB2 - but smaller
changings that change the way to programm or to use the device
screen resolution, the way your touch screen work - 
power saving (no good examples..) are not so good to do.
See how similar the layout of the PalmPilots has been
- as far as I know all hacks and programms could be run
without modification till PalmOS 5.0

So I would love to see enough time for the developers to
get full sleep and a free weekend and come back to add
some "nice to have" instead of solving "must have" tasks

- care about battery loading (maybe a small capacitor..)
  it could help also that data in RAM is not lost when
  the power was interrupted.
    I saw a Windows PDA at my friends desk - oh - new?
    He said - no, a borrowed PDA with navigation - but
    I have lost all data in RAM because of power and now
    I can't use the navigation, because I haven't the
    registration key and my partner can't find it now...

  Palm Pilots have a reset - but no function to split
  the RAM and reset only the system and try to recover
  parts of the data. Being on the road and being lost
  when your mobile device lost it's data is not realy
  So I found it important, that the Neo1973 could work
  even without battery, just usb-powered.

- make sound quality even better with a better shielding
  or more nf(1-40.000 Hz) clean power supply for the audio
- adding an audio in jack

- some sensors

- little power for the USB to use USB Memory sicks
  (and other people MP3-stick) without USB power supply

- more nice things which the Neo1973 developers would
  start think about when they have the freedom to do it

Ok it must not to much time - but Sean, when your team
deside the hardware design of the Neo1973 is ready, go
to ask your team
- how would you design it, when you would have your
  ideas and knowledge form the beginning?
- what would you like to add for a second version
- what would you like to add to the first version,
  when we take 2 or 4 more weeks?


So I'm very happy that the first version will have BT
Which kind of BT - version, class?

And can somebody explain me if the chip/hardware could
limit the BT software/profile power, or would be everything
possible? like:
- stereo audio streaming (possible to or from the NEO?)
- multiple profiles simultanius? using BT keyboard and 
  BT headset at the same time?



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