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On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 08:32 -0500, Gervais Mulongoy wrote:
> another solution to that could be the use of scalable graphics the way
> its done with svg or the way it is done in enlightenment.

Exactly, this is one great solution and the way Apple and Microsoft are
moving (also, why I am developer on Inkscape Anyway,
one platform for mobile devices is great! Solving the GUI issue is just
a matter of theming mostly...that is simple! Consolidate or die is the
new slogan in 2007 :)


> On 1/12/07, Tomasz Zielinski <tomasz.zielinski at> wrote:
>         2007/1/12, Jon Phillips <jon at>:
>         > the good news is that it can be generic enough to handle
>         > these different devices...
>         The bad news is they all have different screen resolutions,
>         so 
>         application for different screen size will loose 95% of
>         functionality,
>         regardless of applied workaround.
>         Remember J2ME "standard". It's specification was way too wide
>         so it
>         accepted and tried to unify GUI for phones with ( i.e.) 72x96
>         pixel and
>         352x416 screens. We know how it ended - if you are mobile java
>         games
>         developer, you have to fork your project to gazillion
>         resolution/phone_vendor/phone_model combinations and support
>         every one 
>         individually (and almost every mobile phone model has own set
>         of J2ME
>         implementation glitches).
>         Windows CE and PocketPC also suffers - all non-standard
>         resolution
>         and/or screen orientation makes users cry. 
>         In fact only PalmOS had reasonable resolution - they simply
>         quadrupled
>         screen size from 160x160 to 320x320, which makes backward
>         compatibility a piece of cake.
>         I wish OpenMoko will grow in monocultural hardware
>         environment, to 
>         avoid mentioned problems too early...
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