iPhone vs. Neo1973 comparison

Paul Bohme openmoko at bohme.org
Fri Jan 12 15:46:26 CET 2007

Jon Phillips wrote:
> I guess this is the perfect example of where you need infrastructure up
> on the openmoko.com website. I think having http://wiki.openmoko.org
> sooner rather than later would be good, otherwise, the community is
> already routing around this and putting content here and there...
> I created some on my wiki as well: http://rejon.org/wiki but I would
> rather consolidate onto the openmoko.org wiki ;)
> Sean, what do you think? It would be great to empower the community :)

This was addressed (a few times) in the past - the devs involved are 
focused on getting the product out, then will turn their attention to 
consolidating ideas and such into a Wiki.  Right now it would be more of 
a drain on their resources than they can afford.

Patience, friends.. ;-)

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