Wireless Mesh and OpenMoko

Warren Noronha wnorrix at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 18:34:11 CET 2007

I got cc'ed on a email a while back regarding the OpenMoko and Netsukuku
since I cannot find the email I have to start a new thread (sorry  
about that).

I have not yet tried the netsukuku protocol, but I am very interested  
in check it out.

Some thoughts on the protocol, it does seem to be light weight and  
easy to setup
the down side being that it has not yet been ported to other  
operating systems
which I think is very important for a wide acceptance, and not to  
forget that Microsoft
has already released their own wireless mesh protocol a while back.  
As far as I know
they are already testing VoIP over that protocol.

I will test out this new protocol over the following weeks, I need to  
arrange for another
ubuntu box, since by second node is a mac.

I can see a lot of wifi mesh guys who would love a device like this  
to play around with
specially the ferifunk guys.

As for the iPhone, Apple has clearly stated that they will not allow  
3rd party applications
which is a major downside. I know a number of mac zealots who wont be  
getting the phone
for this very reason. I love the interface of the phone though, would  
be nice if the Neo can
incorporate some of their UI ideas into the phone.

(sorry for my random thoughts, havent slept for a while :( )


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