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Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Sat Jan 13 01:53:21 CET 2007

la, 2007-01-13 kello 10:48 +1100, Tim Erwin kirjoitti:
> Currently I think the release is slated for Feb but I hope this
> doesn't keep being pushed back.

Indeed I share the hope of phones shipping in Feb. More than that I have
the hope of nothing being particularly wrong with the phones. Hopefully
we can have both ;)

> If the phone is release in Feb will this be worldwide? (I am in
> Australia) 

Again I'm no official source, but as far as I see, they've consistently
talked about it being global direct sale, whether it's Jan or Feb...

And now for something completely different; for those of us who just
don't ever have enough space, there seems to be products like BluOnyx:

Wonder if an external BT (yay, BT!) storage device would be easy to make
work with the Neo; is there a standard BT profile for this sort of
thing? I'm mainly thinking about eg. cramming in more multimedia
material than would fit a microSD. It would of course eat extra power to
use a BT disk drive, but that isn't always the biggest of issues (esp.
if external power is readily available). At least the space would be
there. (Come to think of it, if external power is available, a powered
USB disk would work. But hey, at least with a battery-powered BT disk
you'd still have access without external power, just not necessarily for
the longest of times! ;)

Incidentally, I'm also interested in the official word, if any, on the
new 4G micro-SDs. I _was_ glad to see Sean's "micro-SD can go to 2GB
now. (Or that's what my vendors tell me)" comment, though I would be
more comfortable if FIC themselves verify that 2GB micro-SDs do, in
fact, work, what with all the scary rumours about the SOC 1G limitation
applying to SDs too. (Vendors... ;] )

Will not change whether I purchase a Neo or not, just what size my first
Neo accessory will be ;)

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