WiFi through Bluetooth (Was: Non-gprs Internet access options without wifi)

Justyn Butler justynbutler+openmoko at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 13 15:51:38 CET 2007

Since my last message I've found out a little more about the upcoming
BluOnyx from Agere, and it sounds like a really good candidate for bridging
WiFi to the neo1973 over Bluetooth.

Here's an Engadget post describing the device a month ago:

But for the really interesting stuff, see this new post by ThoughtFix:

To summarise the relevant bits:
* "little box for pocket streaming"
* "intended to be a personal content server over Bluetooth, WiFi, or
* "actually an embedded computer with an open-source operating system.
They're working on VxWorks and Linux for this device."

Now the last comment kind of implies they're still deciding between VxWorks
and Linux for the device (unless there's a VxWorks flavour of Linux that
I've missed), but you can guarantee plenty of people will be custom-hacking
Linux on when it's released.

Who knows, perhaps the software will bridge wifi->bluetooth as a feature and
selling point by the time it's released. It makes sense to me, they've got
everything they need right there. As long as their phone supports the PAN
bluetooth profile (or maybe even just DUN), plenty of people would find that

The main down side is it won't be available until "around Q3".


On 12/01/07, Tim Newsom <cephdon at gmail.com> wrote:
> There is going to be bluetooth on the phone.  The range is small, but
> the possibility of a bluetooth to wifi adaptor might be interesting...
> Maybe something small enough to clip on a belt.  Then connect to it
> through bluetooth and have it connect to wifi and redirect network
> traffic.
> I am sure its possible.. Has anyone ever heard of anything like that?
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