Storage + Re: The actual release date of NEO1973

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Sun Jan 14 13:08:12 CET 2007

* Oleg Gusev <oleg at> [070113 02:06]:
> Am Samstag, 13. Januar 2007 01:53 schrieb Mikko Rauhala:
> >
> > Again I'm no official source, but as far as I see, they've consistently
> > talked about it being global direct sale, whether it's Jan or Feb...
> >
> What about VAT, customs clearance and warranty when one
You have the priviledge to pay the VAT yourself (at least if you are
not a VAT paying company), customs clearance shouldn't be much of an
issue, and well, warranty, guess you need to mail it back to them.

OTOH, warranty works very bad for phones bought at the local T-Mobile
store too. (No problem, we'll send it in, you can expect it in 4-6
weeks back. Well if you pay, you can get loaner-phone. Well it does
do voice and SMS. Quite a good replacement for a smartphone, isn't it?
Endsolution: you might send it in, but one ends buying a second one
for the duration anyway :( )


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