Non-gprs Internet access options without wifi (cel-dialup)

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Sun Jan 14 13:45:09 CET 2007

* Rob <openmoko at> [070113 17:58]:
> >E.g.: I've used a Sidekick and now use a Nokia 9500 intensivly, and I
> >seldom go over 1-2MB per day (despite it having EGPRS, which is a
> >qualitive jump).
> ...In Canada, at $.03 per kb, 1-2 mb per day would add up to somewhere
> in the neighborhood of $1000-2000/month.  We have awful data plans
> here because the telcos were protected monopolies until recently (and
> are run by jerks).  At $.03 per kb there's not much you can do with
> the internet without going bankrupt, unless you really get a kick out
> of pinging things occasionally.

Checking out the stuff, I just noticed that there seems to be no UMTS
roaming there? Just wondering does .ca has UMTS networks?
(GSM I do know, because the triband mobiles did work last time I was
in .ca, which was around 2000)


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