Idea: OpenSync plugin

MartinG gronslet at
Sun Jan 14 17:15:33 CET 2007


In order to get the Neo 1973 to stay in sync with different devices
and PIMs, someone could make a Opensync plugin that supports whatever
Openmoko is using (is openmoko syncml compatible? IRMC?) I don't know,
anyhow - someone should make sure everything works out the way it
should with the plugins that already exist.

Opensync is still at the beta stage, but several people are using it
with great success already, including me (IrMC over bluetooth to KDE
PIM (Kontact))

best regards.

[1] OpenSync is a synchronization framework that is platform and
distribution independent. It consists of a powerful sync-engine and
several plugins that can be used to connect to devices.

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