Storage + Re: The actual release date of NEO1973

Ole Tange at
Sat Jan 13 14:04:04 CET 2007

On 1/13/07, Oleg Gusev <oleg at> wrote:
> Am Samstag, 13. Januar 2007 01:53 schrieb Mikko Rauhala:
> >
> > Again I'm no official source, but as far as I see, they've consistently
> > talked about it being global direct sale, whether it's Jan or Feb...
> What about VAT, customs clearance and warranty when one
> orders directly ?

If FIC are smart they will sell to the EU citizens from an EU address.
This will make the customs clearance and warranty problems disappear,
as EU has the same minimum standards for warranty (see and no
customs for goods internally in EU.

I also would expect FIC already has at least one distributer in EU
that can cover all of EU. From a shipping cost perspective it will
probably make sense, too.

I would expect the same setup would go for US.

The rest of the world will probably have to deal with the mess.


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