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Mon Jan 15 14:57:14 CET 2007

Heh, until the phone spam operators start using basic voice recognition and
to defeat the simple riddle :p

On 1/14/07, Ole Tange < at> wrote:
> Phone spam is when a computer dials your number and when you take the
> call a recorded message is played. Phone spam is not that widespread
> yet, but will probably be when flat rate phones (such as VoIP to VoIP
> calls) become more widespread.
> To fight phone spam a human screening facility could be included: The
> phone owner will record a riddle that the caller will have to solve
> before being let through. If the caller cannot solve the riddle the
> call will be diverted to voice mail or dropped entirely.
> The riddle may be simple as: "What is 2 + 4?" And when the caller
> presses '6' he is through the screening.
> It is important the the phone owner records his own riddle, as that
> will make it impossible for computers to get through.
> Other examples of riddles: "Enter 134 backwards." "Spell pat using the
> phone." "Press star."
> For a more advanced setup the owner can have multiple riddles that
> will be played at random.
> Callers on the white list will not be required to solve a riddle.
> /Ole
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