Intercepting Audio == Freedom from Service Providers

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Mon Jan 15 16:33:59 CET 2007

* Tomasz Zielinski <tomasz.zielinski at> [070115 15:07]:
> 2007/1/14, Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at>:
> >c) without being online all the time, you probably need to use it
> >interactivly. 144B/s is way to slow for sensible feedback in the 1-2
> >seconds a user might accept to wait.
> Well, think about long wave submarine communication channel, which can
> send about three bytes in ten minutes :-]

Guess they don't send TCP/IP over it then.

The ratio of effort and gained value doesn't work out here:

Submarine case:
Really huge effort I guess.
Value gained: priceless, because there is no other way to get any
message trough.

Effort: huge. 
Value gained: saved about the cost for a very very slow GPRS
connection. Paid instead the cost of a voice call, blocked voice
channel, and so on. <paranoid-mode> Potential legal problems, as some
telcos might take that as misuse, fraud and press charges.

Put bluntly, even with CDN$0.03 a kb, to make sense you would need the
voice call to cost way below CDN$0.25 per minute to be cheaper in the
bestcase. Not sure even if
this is the case.


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